Coconut, Lime & Coriander Marinade 250ml

This exotic blend of limes, sweet chilli, coconuts and fragrant spices is sure to entice any palate.

These sensational flavours are perfect for seafood or chicken. This sauce could also be used in a stir-fry to add fabulous flavours.


Smokey Bourbon BBQ Marinade 250ml

This unique BBQ Marinade is the perfect blend of bourbon whiskey and selected spices with a balanced smoked hickory flavour offering a distinctive tangy finish.

Use as a Marinade or baste with pork, chicken or beef before barbecue or grilling.

Also great as a stir-fry or dipping sauce


Spiced Harissa Moroccan Marinade 250ml

Blending fresh herbs, roasted peppers and select spices, Ogilvie & Co‰Ûªs Spiced Harissa Marinade will impart a delicious flavour to all your favourite dishes.

Try combining with organic natural yoghurt and marinating a leg of lamb before roasting, serving alongside a simple cous cous salad with preserved lemon. It is also fantastic mixed with sour cream as a dip for a vegetable crudit̩s, or used as the base sauce on your next gourmet pizza.

Traditionally, a Middle Eastern sauce, this pairs perfectly with all red meats but is also fantastic when used on poultry or fresh seafood.

Each of the marinades comes with a basting brush and recipe card.



Aussie Bush Tomato Sauce 250ml

The most popular condiment in Australia gets the gourmet treatment with Ogilvie & Co's Aussie Bush Tomato Sauce.

Made by cooking down rich tomatoes, onions and select spices, it is finished with native Australian bush tomato to impart a lively, fresh aroma and make it truly authentic.

The absolute must have sauce at your next barbecue, it also pairs perfectly with homemade pastries, or serve it alongside free range eggs, organic bacon and caramelised onions for a delicious breakfast.



Drover's Aussie BBQ Sauce 250ml


This delicious and complex Barbecue Sauce is like no other!

The Drover's BBQ Sauce is based on our traditional fruit chutney recipe which is then added to with coffee and smokey spices to give layers of flavour and then finished off with a touch of chilli.

Perfect with all grilled and barbecued meats, this sauce is your only choice for your next quintessentially Australian BBQ!



BBQ Entertainer

Classic Australian BBQ Sauce 115ml
Spiced Chilli Dipping Sauce 115ml
Curried BBQ Relish 115ml
Spiced Plum BBQ Sauce 115ml


Brandy Butterscotch Sauce 110ml

The ideal accompaniment to traditional plum pudding, this sauce is also perfect served over a baked cheesecake or a fruit flan. Try combining with double cream and use as a filling for eclairs or profiteroles.



Ogilvie & Co Marinades & Sauces

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